I grew up on a ranch near Ainsworth, Nebraska. Our “address” was 21 miles south and 6 miles east. I attended college majoring in Psychology. From there I was off to Tunisia to serve in the Peace Corps. Upon returning I kicked around doing many different jobs. I mostly circled delivery and prairie restoration management employment. Eventually, I became interested in computers and the operating system Linux in particular. I landed a job at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and I worked as a Linux System Administrator for most of my time there. I stepped away from technical work to study Medical Laboratory Science. After the first year, I had to leave the program due to health reasons. I’m currently an MA student in UNO’s Critical & Creative Thinking program.

I’ve held a wide variety of interests and hobbies over the years, for example, building a skin on frame kayak, photography, philosophy, fountain pens, nature sound recording, straight razors, making pottery, and meditation to name a few. Mostly my interests don’t overlap. I’m usually done with one once it’s run its course. Occasionally an interest does repeat itself.

Currently, my interest is learning how to think and how to become a more educated consumer of information. The purpose of this site is to act as a repository for what I learn, but I hope that it will prove useful to others. If you wish to connect, feel free to click on the @ symbol at the top of the page, use the comment section, or follow me on Twitter.