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Empty Warehouse Window

This past weekend I was wandering around in the Old Market of Omaha, looking for compositions.  I came across what looks to be an old warehouse.  This window caught my eye.  Dust on the glass was pockmarked by rain drops and some type of water stained paper hung on the inside.  Paint on the window frame was relatively new.  I couldn’t decide between the black or white.  Which do you like best?

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Maple Seeds in Backyard

Yesterday I wandered around in the backyard looking for something interesting to photograph.  The wind was flinging and whirling maple seeds in the corner of the patio.  As the wind would die down I’d look for interesting patterns among the seeds.  It was interesting watching nature rearranging itself.  Spring is such a messy time.  Have you ever noticed that?  I’ve been looking at the beauty of this mess, don’t miss it yourself.  Spring only comes once a year.

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Camera Obscura and Bedroom

One of the precursors to our modern cameras, is the camera obscura.  Camera obscura is similar to a pinhole camera, without the film.  Camera obscura was used to project a subject onto a screen, in order to trace the subject’s outline.  You can turn a room into a camera obscura, by blacking out all the windows in a room and cutting a small hole to let light through one of the windows.  The result is an upside down projection with left and right swapped as well.  As you can see in the image above, the scene from our backyard is projected into our bedroom.  Melissa and I used cardboard to cover the windows and I cut a quarter sized hole for the aperture.  The exposure for this photo was 7 minutes long at f/5.6.  This is a pretty crude test.  I’m going to be doing more research and working at refining the process.

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