The New Plan

Photographically speaking, I’ve been kind of lost since my ‘a photo a day’ project ended.  My plan was to start posting ‘a photo a week’ at the beginning of the year, but it’s March and that hasn’t materialized.  I’ve been reading and thinking about photography, but not making many pictures.  I’ve heard from several people that I need to start a project.  That I need to start building a body of work that has continuity and personal style.  One professional photographer told me to pick a subject and photograph it for six months.  I’m sorry, but I just can’t do that.

Over the past year I’ve developed tastes for certain types of photography, but I’m no where near ready to commit to one subject for six months.  In fact when I tried to pick a subject for a project, I couldn’t even narrow my tastes down to one genre.  On the other hand I’m tired of taking pictures of “everything.”  So I’ve come up with a compromise.  I picked four genres of photography that I’m interested in, and broke them down into four sub-genres.  Incidentally try researching photographic genres sometime.  If you can actually find a consensus as to what the major genres are, let me know. 🙂  Anyway, the plan is to pic one genre and a corresponding sub-genre each week, and photograph subjects in that sphere.  So one week I might pick ‘Nature’ as a genre and photograph flora the whole week.  Or I might pick ‘Architecture’ and concentrate on urban interiors.  At the end of this post is an outline of the genres I’ll be following.

I’m hoping that by concentrating on one sub-genre each week, eventually the cream will raise to the top, and the list will begin to narrow down.  I’ll treat each week as a small project, that fits into the larger project of sub-genre.  Whatever the outcome, I’ll be moving forward and learning.

If anyone’s in a similar situation with their photography, leave a comment telling us how you’re handling it.

Genre Photography Project Outline

  • Architecture
    • Rural
      • Exterior
      • Interior
    • Urban
      • Exterior
      • Interior
  • Fine Art
    • Abstract
    • Objet Trouve (Found Art)
    • Still Life
    • Studio Portraiture
  • Life
    • Candid Portraiture
    • Documentary
    • Street
    • Travel
  • Nature
    • Fauna
    • Flora
    • Landscape
    • Underwater
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