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Prairie Winds Art Center Photo Competition and Show

A few weeks ago I entered Prairie Winds’ 12th annual photo competition.  Today they postponed the awards reception due to the weather, but I called and they told me the results.  Good news!  Inside Old Silage Truck won a merit award, which is 3rd place, and Peony Parts received an honorable mention.

The old truck picture was taken at my father’s ranch, south of Ainsworth Nebraska.  It’s had a long useful history.  It’s a hand-me-down from my Uncle Blair.  It’s primary purpose was hauling silage or livestock.  When I opened the door a semi feral cat named Yowler, bolted off the driver’s side seat and squeezed through a hole in the floor.  Judging from the amount of cat hair he left behind, the truck is a common resting place for him.

The peony picture was taken in my garage.  I arranged the parts on mat board and then played with the size of the crack under the garage door, until I got the light I wanted.


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History of Photography Podcasts

For those of you who don’t know about this, Jeff Curto from DuPage College has been posting podcasts of his History of Photography class online.  I’m excited about working through the class.  We’ve all heard how important it is to be informed about the past.  I’m interested in seeing first hand how learning about the history of photography will inform my own image creation.  I’ve listened to the first lecture and have started reading the material for class number two.  If you’re interested you can get the textbook for a reasonable price on Amazon: A World History of Photography.  If you’ve listened to this class before, or intent to, leave a comment on this post.

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