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2011 Wrap Up

Well it’s a new year and a new blog for me.  Last year I began a love affair with photography.  Shortly after purchasing my first DSLR I decided I needed a photography project to keep me motivated.  So I started A Photo A Day project.  The idea was to post a picture, taken that day, and write some text to go along with it.  I found myself quickly overwhelmed with just getting a photo out each day and the writing took a backseat.  In fact it was pretty much nonexistent.  But I finished my quest and managed to post 365 pictures.

Out of the approximately 34,000 pictures I took, I manage to take a few decent ones.  I entered two photo contests last year.  The first was the Fontenelle Nature Association Photography Club annual contest.

In the Novice Class two photos placed:

Animal Category
1st place “Green Heron Hunting”

Flora Category
2nd place “Peony Parts”

In the advanced class two more placements:

Other Category
2nd place “Sandhills Reflection.”
3rd place “Deer Bones – Fontenelle Forest”

You can view a gallery of the images entered in the FNA contest here.

The second contest I entered was the Nebraska State Fair.  The highlights were having two division winners and winning best of show for my Deer Bones photo, pictured above.  A gallery of the photos that won an award can be viewed here.  How each photo placed is listed in the photo descriptions.

Awards are great, but they are secondary to the most important thing about my year of photography.  The most important thing is, that I learned a ton.  I learned how to use my camera in manual mode. I learned about composition, proper exposure and executing creative aspects of photography.  Post processing raw images in Lightroom and Photoshop was something I knew nothing about when I first started.  Recently I purchased a printer and I’ve started learning about print processing.  Last year was great, but what’s more exciting is that there’s so much more to learn!

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